Wednesday, 12 December 2012

MIBTP: Galaxy - First Day roundup...

MIBTP: Galaxy - First Day roundup...

Okay so we survived the first day of the MIBTP Galaxy workshop, getting a small group of First Year PhD students from Warwick, Leicester and Birmingham to do some analysis exercises on the Galaxy public server.

Galaxy was largely snappy and well behaved, despite using (mostly) Win7 and IE machines. One issue that did arise was the visualisation of SNPs on exons in the "Finding the Exons with the most SNPs". Looked great in the screencast, but page neverloaded and IE gave a "script taking too long to respond error". This suggests that the issue is a javascript problem, but will have to investigate.

Also links out to display using genetrack did not load, but ensembl did.

Really hoping that the workflow viewer is not affected (that's tomorrow's problem!).

Still, basically things worked as planned, but timing was rather off! 

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